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Preparing for Your Upcoming Trip

By now you have made your reservation at Alaska’s Southeast Retreat Lodge.  If you haven’t yet, the first thing you need to do is send us your contact information including address, telephone number and email address.   After January first an invoice and letter of confirmation will be sent to you and the one-third deposit is due within 30 days of receipt of the invoice.  All deposits are nonrefundable unless another booking is made to fill your vacancy.

Packing For Your Trip

It is best to fit all of your gear in a suitcase weighing 50 pounds or less packed to airline specifications.  You need to include 2-5 changes of clothes depending on the length of your stay, a warm jacket and personal items and if you are Self Guided, your river pole, waders and other fishing gear.  There are laundry facilities so no need to pack extra clothes.  The lodging units also have a hair dryer and soap as well as a small bottle of shampoo.

What Can You Purchase on The Island?

Well, pretty much anything!  There are 2 grocery stores for food and a liquor store as well.  Well-stocked Sporting Goods shops provide all the fishing gear and tackle you could imagine for those on the Self Guided adventure.  If you want to take home souvenirs there are shops that sell T-shirts, mugs and etc.  In Craig there is a wonderful spot to buy locally made arts, fish and other goods.  If you get the chance you want to stop and look if nothing else.  It is located across from the AC store in Craig.

Fishing License

Anyone over the age of 15 must have a valid fishing license and king salmon stamp (if you want to keep a king salmon).  Kids 15 and under must get a king salmon stamp even though they do not require a fishing license.  You can buy the license in Klawock or Craig but must pay cash.  Therefore we suggest you use this link to purchase you license on line at

If you have any questions about purchasing on line please call.

Traveling with Luggage & Fish Boxes

Alaska Airlines is the only airline that comes into Ketchikan.  They allow each passenger 2 checked bags of 50 pounds or less as well as a two carry on bags including one personal item.  A third checked bag is $100.  If you want to save a little money on excess baggage, then pack all of your personal gear into a carry on bag so that if you end up with two fish boxes you can carry on your bag and avoid the excess baggage charge.

If you are on the All-Inclusive Fishing Package, you travel to and from the island on Island Air Express.  The package price includes your round trip airfare between Ketchikan and Klawock and up to 50 pounds of gear arriving into Klawock.  On the return flight to Ketchikan you get the 50 pounds of personal gear and up to two 50-pound fish boxes.    Any additional weight is your personal financial responsibility.

Self-Guided guests traveling to and from the island can bring as much gear as they want onto the IFA ferry but will be charged an additional fee for fish boxes on the return.  The three-hour ferry run occurs once a day, leaving Ketchikan at 3:30 and Hollis at 8:00 a.m.  It is also important to understand that it takes around 30-minutes to get from the IFA to the Ketchikan Airport, will add approximately $45 in taxi, airport ferry cost and food to the cost of the IFA ticket, and that you will need to also take the Airport ferry that runs every half hour.

If you travel by floatplane or wheel plane you do so right from Ketchikan Airport.  You will be charged $.65/pound for any baggage in excess of 45 pounds, including fish boxes, poles and other personal gear.

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