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Fishing Gateways

The waters off the West coast of Prince of Wales Island are famous for world-class salmon fishing.  From early June through July, King salmon are abundant and range from 20 to 60 pounds. These bright, ocean-run fish hit hard and fight strong. Typically, in early July the silvers come on the scene and can be caught in the ocean through the end of August. They are lively fighters and the limit is generous so the fishing action is nearly nonstop more days than not. Combine this with an abundant fishery of halibut, sea bass and several varieties of cod, and the action seldom stops.

River fishing kicks off in late April with steelhead and trout. Steelhead is a more elusive fish. The state's regulations require catch and release. In addition, artificial lures and flies with barbless hooks are regulated to maintain the wild run. Sockeye salmon are next in the streams in late June. They are the most difficult variety of salmon to get to bite. Our guides can show you some of the lures and flies that will tempt the sockeye into bighting. The most exciting river run fish is the Coho (silver) salmon. There are two main runs. The first and smaller of the two runs is in late June through July, and the second and biggest run begins in mid August and lasts through September. With a daily limit of 6 silvers, your fish box is sure to fill up quickly.

Fishing Getaway

Corporate Adventure

Our ocean boats are all 24-26' vessels powered by reliable 4-stroke motors and kickers. Boats are equipped with state of the art navigational and fish finding electronics, and outfitted with all of the poles, bait and tackle needed for a day of fantastic fishing. Owner and captain Jeff Larson has twenty years of fishing experience on the ocean waters of western Prince of Wales Island. His primary concern is that you have a fantastic fishing experience. Whether first time angler or seasoned veteran, he will take you to where the fish are biting and give you tips to land king, silvers and bottom-fish all day long. We provide boots and foul weather gear to keep you warm and dry. At the end of the day your catch will be filleted, vacuum packed, frozen and boxed to airline specifications for your trip home.

We offer the kind of local Alaskan cuisine that will leave you asking for recipes. In addition, we are happy to cater to your dietary needs including low-fat, low-carb, gluten-free, vegan or whatever you preference. We'll also let you know of the upcoming menu in order to best accommodate your preferences and make changes as needed. All meals are set family style allowing you to take as much of each food as you like. Seconds are considered complimentary to the cook.

Corporate Adventure

Into The Wild

On land you are more likely to run into eagles, resident deer and other mammals than people.  While on the ocean sea lion rookeries, waterfowl and whales erupting in acrobatic displays are commonplace.

Into The Wild

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